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A blog about the book "Supreme Chaos: The Politics of Judicial Confirmation & the Culture War" by Judge Charles Pickering - for new updates visit the blog for Pickering's second book: "A Price Too High"

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Roll Call

The Washington DC newspaper Roll Call reviews the book in today's issue. The online version requires a subscription. In "Pickering, Part One: First of Ex-Judge's Two Books Hits Shelves," Bree Hocking writes, "Regardless of one’s personal politics, Pickering, as the first of President Bush’s nominees to be rejected by Senate Democrats, has a compelling story to tell. However, much of that (due to the haste with which it was released) doesn’t make it into this book, which reads like a master’s thesis (with a strongly conservative bias), replete with footnotes and lengthy citations. The juicy bits will come later, in a second book due out “either this fall or the first part of next year” that will explore the “personal odyssey” of his nearly four-year battle for confirmation, Pickering says. It will also expand on the solutions he’s put forward in this book on how to mend the current judicial confirmation process."


Monday, January 30, 2006

Blog Notes comments on Pickering's book and a quote he cites in the book by Nan Aron, president of the liberal Alliance for Justice. It is generating some comments over there.

Also, the Mississippi Hospital Association blog features the book today as well.

The Tennessee Chapter of the Republican National Lawyers Association will host a reception for Judge Pickering in Nashville on February 23 which will feature a book signing.

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Laurel Leader Call

The Laurel Leader Call writes about the book in advance of a book signing in Laurel in February. (This site requires a free registration to view the article.)


Saturday, January 28, 2006

Biloxi Sun Herald

Pete Tattersall discusses the book in the Sun Herald today: 'Supreme Chaos' tackles judicial politics - Pickering pens a nominee's side


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Janet Parshall's America

On January 18, Charles Pickering was on "Janet Parshall's America" where he discussed the Alito hearings and his book. You can listen to the interview: part one here and part two here and part here three.


Fox News - Neil Cavuto

The Judge appeared on the Fox News program "Your World with Neil Cavuto." Cavuto said a lot of people thought Pickering should have been nominated for the Supreme Court, but they discussed other issues like Justice Alito, Justice Souter, abortion politics and the book. Here is the transcript.


Washington Post's Online Chat - Books

Today Charles Pickering went online with the Washington Post to chat with people around the country on his book, judicial philosophy and the Sam Alito hearings.


Lou Dobbs - CNN

Judge Charles Pickering was on CNN's "Lou Dobbs Tonight" to discuss his book and the Sam Alito hearings. Dobbs called Pickering's thoughts "sage advice" - here is the transcript of the interview.


Hattiesburg American

The Hattiesburg American writes about the book in this article.


CSPAN Video - Interview

The Judge was on CSPAN on Jan 18 to discuss the book, the Alito Hearings, and various judicial issues. You can watch the video here. If you wanted to buy the DVD of the interview from CSPAN, you can do that at their shop.


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