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Monday, October 30, 2006

Three Stories

Judge Pickering is mentioned in three stories about the ongoing issue of judicial confirmations.

Manuel Miranda writes in Human Events: Why the GOP should Emphasize Judges. He says, "In 2002, Republicans won three new Senate seats by the barest margins, giving them control of the Senate. The voter plurality that in 2004 would rank first and be called the “moral issues voter” ranked nationwide in 2002 only fourth. But in Georgia, Missouri, and Minnesota that year, in a midterm election where the President campaigned chiefly on taxes and terror, something unusual happened: self-identified single issue, pro-life voters came out to vote in a non-presidential year, who normally do not. The margin of their vote was larger than the margin of Republican victory. How? After Democrats blocked a then-obscure judge from Mississippi, Charles Pickering, Sen. Rick Santorum (R.-Pa.) began polling over the judge issue. He discovered it impacted poorly on the Democrats’ image. He then found ways to expose the increasing obstruction, finishing, just two weeks before the 2002 election, with the ultimate spotlight: an East Room speech by the President."

Jeffrey Lord writes a review of the Borking Rebellion in The American Spectator: Borking Rush. He says, "The Borking Rebellion was designed to serve two purposes. First, it was a behind-the-scenes story of the confirmation battle over a Bush judicial nominee, Judge D. Brooks Smith -- a longtime best friend of mine -- who was overwhelmingly well thought of in Western Pennsylvania legal circles. Then his nomination arrived in Washington. The real-life story takes place in the middle of the liberal interest-group borking-mania that defeated Judge Charles Pickering and nominee Miguel Estrada while stiffing nominees Priscilla Owen, William Pryor, and others. Smith unexpectedly won in a harrowing fight against opponents who were interested not in defeating his arguments but destroying his life. The book told the insiders tale of just how that victory happened and why, naming names of the bad guys in the episode, a number of them household names." [BTW - If you like the Borking Rebellion you'll love Judge Pickering's second book scheduled to come out next year.]

Judge Pickering discusses the nomination of Mike Wallace in this story in the Biloxi Sun Herald: ABA: Wallace is not qualified. Pickering says, "Mike Wallace is one of the brightest lawyers anywhere. To find Mike Wallace unqualified is absolutely ludicrous."

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Focus Radio

On October 30 and 31, Focus Radio with Dr. James Dobson at Focus on the Family will air new interviews with Judge Pickering. You'll be able to hear them on American Family Radio stations around the country and also should check out each episode at their website: Chaos in the Judiciary (Part 1 of 2) and (Part 2 of 2).

Also, here is an inteview Judge Pickering did with the Center for Individual Freedom earlier this year where as well as Supreme Chaos, he and the host debate some on Alabama's Judge Roy Moore.


Monday, October 09, 2006

Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace's appointment to fill Pickering's Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals seat continues to draw controversy from the left...could there be another recess appointment?